Pane Ventures

Our financial expertise & startup advisory helps clients to


With decades of investment banking and startup experience, we help startups meet their fundraising and scaling goals

Investment Banks our team worked for in the past

Our team worked at bulge bracket investment banks for decades prior to the establishment of our management consulting firm


Growth Acceleration

We gather data on your ideal clients and making introductions to decision-makers within their organizations. We constantly review these strategies to boost your return on investment.


With access to relevant databases and market trends we help clients develop high-quality documents such as Business plans, IMs, Financial models, Pitch Deck etc.

Startup Advisory

Since 2015, we have provided guidance and advice to clients on all aspects of their business , including how to scale, prepare for the fundraising process; and documentation requirements.




Femi Opaneye, Founder & CEO

Femi Opaneye is a serial entrepreneur, he’s also Co-Founder, COO & CFO of Morpheus Health Systems Inc., data analytics startup whose mission is to transform Africa’s healthcare environment by providing solutions to extract meaningful-use information from healthcare data. His background is in law, having graduated from UK law school in 2002. Femi worked in investment banking for 10 years (Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley & HSBC), prior to becoming an entrepreneur in 2014.  

Jennifer Chadare, Managing Director

Jennifer Chadare is Managing Director of the firm. Her background is in investment banking and finance, having worked in the space for 15 years, at prominent organizations such as RBC Capital Markets and CIBC Capital Markets. She graduated in Business/ Managerial Economics, and obtained an MBA from Bayes Business School. 


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If available, we require the following information:

  • Name of your business
  • Link (URL) of your website
  • What problems your business solves
  • What is the product or service you provide? And how would you please describe it? (For example, Amazon provides an online marketplace for buyers and sellers.)
  • What is the underlying magic that makes your business unique from its competitors?
  • List each of the Founders, key management, any advisors and provide Linkedin profiles
  • Who are your target clients/ the market that you want to serve?
  • List 3 of your closest competitors and their websites
  • How does your business make money or monetize?
  • How much money do you want to raise (US$) and list exactly will the money be used for?

Provide a list of your three closest competitors; and if available financials, such as i.e.,

  • Revenue streams and forecast;
  • Cost of sales;
  • Administrative sales,
  • Marketing expenses;
  • Increase in cost of sales;
  • Fixed assets investment;
  • Capital structure (Equity, Debt);
  • Working capital;
  • Dividend payouts;
  • Depreciation

We help to rapidly scale your business by gathering data on your ideal clients and making introductions to decision-makers within their organizations. We’ll work with you on a monthly basis to ensure your sales team is getting in front of your ideal clients.

Our expertise is in finance, preparation for fundraising and developing high-quality, investor-ready documentation; therefore, we can develop documents and financials in a variety of industries.

No. Pane Ventures is a management consulting firm that prepares startups for fundraising process.

We have worked in finance for decades, and have a network in the field. We also hire analysts the work for VC firms. As such, our documentation will cover all the points required to satisfy an investor or VC. However, raising capital is complicated and can take up to 24 months. Therefore we cannot guarantee you will raise funding or that your venture will be successful.