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2021 has been a blockbuster year in terms of startup investments

2021 has been a blockbuster year in terms of startup investments. Startups have mopped up $621 Billion dollars globally from investors, more than doubling records from previous years. With a noticeable uptick in deal activity in early stage ventures indicating a healthy startup ecosystem, it is an optimal time for founders looking to raise the next round of funding to fuel growth. However, despite the boom in deal activity and the current pro startup zeitgeist, finding the right investor to back your vision can often feel challenging. It involves complex decisions in tracking and displaying the right metrics to showcase the growth potential of your business – and a knowledge of the nuances of investor mindsets for each industry. Finding clarity in complexity is a challenge every founder must face. Clear business plans and clean financial projections go a long way towards finding this clarity, as do actionable guidelines from experienced industry professionals, who can leverage their knowledge of investor preferences and requirements to guide you on your funding journey.