Meet with
Active Investors
& Raise Capital

We match ambitious enterprises
with our investor network

  • Investor

We make direct introductions to our investor network that has been built through decades of working in finance, so that our clients can successfully secure the capital needed in a timely manner

  • Ambitious

We work with a curated selection of high-potential startups, providing them with the resources and support needed to effectively present their opportunity to our active and verified investor network

  • Startup

We use our expertise to evaluate each startup and create customized strategies that focus on the company’s financial, operational, and legal considerations throughout the investment process,

Preparing Startups to
Meet Active Investors via
Investor Readiness Report

Our team has spent decades advising companies that have raised capital and as a result have developed a due diligence process known as the Investor Readiness Report. This report was developed using predictive and adaptive methodologies, which involved analyzing the commonalities among prior successful clients.

  • Incorporation & Idea/ Team

Company formation, team background, and the concept of the business

  • Due Diligence

Market research, feasibility, competition analysis, product/ service claims, and IP

  • Documentation

Business plan, IM, Financial model, Pitch Deck etc, where applicable,

  • Investment Structure

Capital structure and method of repayment to investors/ lenders

  • Company Valuation

Fair market value of the company based upon expert validation and industry model

  • Fundraising Plan

Right structure in place to raise funds from investors

Are you ready to raise capital?

Pane Ventures is a management consulting firm that prepares ambitious startups for the fundraising process, including documentation review, startup advisory; and investor introductions.