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Making a great pitch can be a make or break momentum for many teams

  1. Making a great pitch can be a make or break momentum for many teams. Teams will develop a detailed slide deck, tout their credentials and possibly let the team lead do all the talking – makes sense right? 




A great pitch is a balancing act which adjusts to the currents in the room. It factors in both what is being pitched and who is being pitched to – for eg, a pitch to a more senior audience is likely to be a conversation rather than a presentation, where your passion for the challenge and strength of your team to solve it can be showcased. In line with this, it is preferable for more of your team to speak and showcase their own relevant experience for the task at hand. This builds confidence in your audience. However for a less senior audience, mastery of facts is the weapon of choice. Along with a mastery of facts, a passion for the problem being solved is also beneficial, as is how your pitch is relevant to the audience.


The balancing act also involves listening as much as pitching – your audience wants to be heard and have their viewpoint understood rather than just have you pitch your solution. Almost every audience you are pitching to will hear good pitches from multiple teams who are all masters of fact. An understanding of what they are looking to hear can set you apart from your competition. 


Every investor or potential business partner you pitch to will have a slightly different perspective and will be looking for something different from you. This is where your ability to gather market knowledge and individual insight comes into play. Knowledge of your audience is the key ingredient which makes a good pitch into a great pitch