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Orchid Hex #DA70D6

The least important element of the deck is design! It might surprise some people to know that investors don’t care what shade of pink you used and how long it took to select it.

If I were giving you money: would you care about Mauve Hex #E0B0FF or Orchid Hex #DA70D6??

Probably not!

Here are the things you’re likely to consider:

When do I get my money back?

Can you deliver?: In other words: when do I get my money back?

Is this the right team? In other words: can they give me my money back?

Of course, it shouldn’t be sloppy because that goes towards your ability to execute as well…

You need to show that you’ve researched your market, you know who your competitors are, what the market size is, why now, your business model, etc, etc.

But ultimately the investor wants to know when they get their money back and if the return is worth it.

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