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Web3 broadly refers to the internet that is owned by its builders,

Web3 broadly refers to the internet that is owned by its builders, users, and creators. By leveraging tokens and decentralized technology, it aims to disrupt centralized intermediaries. Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the first applications that have found product-market fit and gained consumer adoption. However, mass adoption of Web3 tech is only just getting started. Given the nascent stage of Web3, it is no surprise that VCs view it as one of the most asymmetric upside opportunities in recent history. In 2021 alone, VCs have deployed over US$30 Billion globally in crypto startups and over 40 Crypto unicorns were created in 2021 alone. Large VC funds such as A16Z and Paradigm focused on the Web3 space have raised billions to get involved in the space and competition is heating up. The Web3 ecosystem is currently a melting pot of talent and capital. Combine that with the potential offered by the new technologies which are still being explored further, and you have all of the ingredients required for an explosion of innovation and value creation. Building the right product and approaching the right investor for said product is sure to be a path to glory for those who are able to quickly navigate the fast evolving landscape of Web3.