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What’s in a deck?

What’s in a deck?

A pitch deck or an investor deck are essentially the same thing, with the difference lying in use:

One is specifically to raise capital from investors.

A 16 to 20-slide document that provides a concise summary or overview of one’s business.

Don’t complicate it!

Don’t give it to you mum for her opinion!

Don’t give it to your friend nor your uncle…

Your colleague’s opinion is irrelevant. 

In all likelihood, none of them have ever run a business, talk less about invested in one…

Stop seeking their validation!!

Their ‘constructive’ criticism is something they heard on YouTube, Clubhouse (yuk!)… or even worse, TikTok.

(The latter two being the latest platforms for BS merchants who read book summaries then tell you they’re [insert subject matter] gurus.)

Don’t give it to your friend in grad school either.

Having an MBA, CFA, PhD, MBBS, LLB or a bunch of other acronyms is NOT running nor investing in a business! 

Don’t get obsessed by design.

For the most part, investors don’t care:

Can you execute?

When all else fails, base your ENTIRE fundraising strategy on your colour scheme: try French Fuchsia Pink #fd3f92.

Tell investors it’s your mum’s favourite colour…

Watch their heart’s melt as they pull out their cheque books.

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